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Thursday, 29th March, 2007 Posted by Beren @ 23:27:47

There are two movies that I am especially looking forward to this year. One is a New Zealand flick called Black Sheep, the second is a British film called Hot Fuzz. Last week I went to see the later of these. It was fantastic.

Hot Fuzz is from the same people that made the great horror zombie spoof Shawn of the Dead a few years ago. Shawn is one of my favourite movies. I really can’t go past a good spoof, and Shawn was nigh on perfect. So needless to say I had massive expectations for Hot Fuzz, and I am glad to say that it delivered.

Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg (Shawn from Shawn of the Dead) as a big city cop who is too good. So good he gets transferred because he makes the rest of the police force in London look bad. So within the first 5-10 min of the movie he finds himself in the most crimeless place in all of England. The picture perfect town. A place where there hasn’t been a murder in 20 years, although, there does seem to be plenty of accidents. It is these that the story rides on as Simon’s character investigates these.

The movie does a great job at spoofing action and crime investigation shows of sorts, as one expects. Although I do quite enjoy the fact there are two levels of these sorts of jokes. There are the really overt jokes, where they even mention the source film (the American source material in 995 of cases) where as throughout the rest there is an endless list of little things that have been drawn from the likes of Midsummer Murders and Heart Beat. It is these subtle jokes which are there for those who have seen British TV shows that make the movie. They are pure gold.

From the Christian angle this film is, when boiled down, an action film that does in places depict purposeful and accidental violence; and sometimes quite graphically. My wife who does not like Shawn of the Dead because of the gore, but she did not have a great issue with the content in Hot Fuzz. Although it really didn’t appear that different in some respects to me. Its possibly a difference in sense of humour, and this one being in a context she enjoyed. There is also a fair amount of language through out the film. So be sure to go in expecting this.

Basically this is a movie that is a must see for the year, so if you have the stomach / sense of humour for it, then I recommend that you catch it.

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