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Saturday, 25th August, 2007 Posted by Beren @ 13:47:14
In usual blog fashion, the owner has missed a bunch of entries. For the last month I have been working 15 hours days, so while the bank balance is okay, the blog is not. So here is a brief comment on most of the movies I saw in break.

Knocked Up
I went along to see this film purely based on the hype about it. After seeing the trailer I wasn’t going to see it, then with it rating so well I felt the need to see it just to see what the fuss was about.

Despite the film having a lot of language, sexual themes (it is a story of the result of a one night stand after all), and a culture of heavy alcohol and marijuana use, I did think it was a pretty good theme. Using set theory I envisage that this film is in the subset where Wayne’s World / BaseketBall, Nine Months and The 40 Year Old Virgin crossover. It has a similar story line and general message of Nine Months, the jobless loser type character from BaseketBall, and the humour and writing of 40 YOV.

Now after reading that I am sure some people are like “so what is good about it?” Other then being genuinely funny, it also presents a male character who realizes that being a father is greatly important to him, and a female character who couldn’t even consider the thought of Abortion even though the father was a total idiot and it could ruin her rising career. Far two much of our society presents the opposite of these values, and its great to see a mainstream American comedy (more known for toilet jokes – which are also in this film) present these views.

Harry Potter
Now many Christians are very anti this series, and while I also would not give it to my future children to read without them first reading much of the fantasy works of authors like C.S Lewis and John White, I do see value in it. But that is a discussion for another day.

I thought the movie was very good, and probably rates as the second best yet done after The Prisoner of Azkaban. Although, to be fair, that is also the best book in my opinion, so that is also a factor. Luna’s character was absolutely perfect. I did think it was a shame that Ferenz did not any screen time. Generally I think it could have been 15 min longer and in that time had more of other characters in the Order (it is the name of the movie after all).

The movie that was a decade late should have been its title, but ignoring that, this 90 min episode returned to the goodness of the Simpsons from the first 7 or 8 seasons (the golden years). If you like the show, watch the movie you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch the movie, it has nothing for you. The movie doesn’t try to bring in fresh viewers to the show; it is an example of a movie based on another form of media that doesn’t try to increase the popularity of the original. I wish the Lord of the Rings had done the same. Staying true to the original content and not aiming for bringing everyone else in is laudable.

Die Hard
This film was pretty much everything I expected it to be. It had the usual McClane vs the bad guy with the rest of law enforcement world off sitting around not doing a great deal. Which is pretty much what people love about this series, it is one man vs the rest, and as the story progresses he shows his incredible (read superhuman) resilience to violence upon his person. My personal favorite is the finial act of violence in the film which is iconic in the same way as “shoot the hostage” was for Speed. So basically if you enjoyed the other films you will enjoy this one, and vice versa. My only complaint on the film is the scene with the fighter plane at the end, even in a diehard film you can go too far.

My wife is a John Grisham fan, and we went along to see this film because it appeared to be something up her alley. And it was, in my opinion the same sorta thing. It obviously isn’t quite the same as it isn’t dealing with a larger issue like a conspiracy relating to a pelican’s habitat or a healthcare scam or something equally preachy; but to me the script had about the same strength. The twist wasn’t overly great, and it did explain it fractionally too much (although not to the shameful level of the The Prestige), it was enjoyable to watch. Anthony Hopkins really did make the film though, his performance was good as usual, and one feels that without him the film could have been direct to dvd. So all in all, it is better suited to a night in on the couch, than a popcorn even at the cinema.

Obviously there is more I can say on these 3 films, but, well, insert excuses relating to time here.

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