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Wednesday, 2nd May, 2007 Posted by Beren @ 21:26:37

Empire magazine said that this movie is best enjoyed after 3 beers. The guys sitting behind me in the cinema seemed to take their advice and brought along a six pack for the event, despite the cinema not being one allowing alcohol. However, the boys were probably quite happy with themselves as Shooter is the perfect movie for sitting on the couch at home with 3 or 4 mates, a few beers and a whole bunch of pizza.

Shooter is the story of a one man A-Team that is made up with the talents of Rambo, Macgyver and Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper’s character in Saving Private Ryan – The Sniper Guy). In the film he takes out people from well over a mile away, gets up close with a machine gun and knife, while also employing home-made napalm as a distraction when needed. Take all those elements and mix it a plot reminiscent of Conspiracy Theory (Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts), and basically you have shooter. Oh and a fair portion of red neck jokes too. It really was a very entertaining film that doesn’t even attempt to take itself seriously.

Mark Walhberg doesn’t really light the house on fire with his performance like he did in The Departed. But he also did not let the movie down in any way. Danny Glover likewise wasn’t turning in his greatest performance, but was indeed great fun to see on the big screen again. So all in all a fun movie if you aren’t expecting any great depth or an overly realistic plot. But there are some great lines and movie moments to laugh at.

From a Christian perspective the film does have plenty of violence in it, along with a fair smattering of language. It is not overly non-Christian in any other way. Now, while it does indeed stretch the truth to form its conspiracy in its effort to complain against the corporate military structure in America. It is worth noting that the agenda of said military structure is often furthered by the candidates that some Christian groups support. So while it is not the most acuate portrayal that situation, it is acting as a reminder to people that choose to support need to be well rounded morally in all area’s, and not just vocal in a few issues that tweak our interest on a local level.

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