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Sunday, 15th July, 2007 Posted by Beren @ 23:03:02

Last week I went and saw Transformers. It was one of the first remake / re-imagining movies of recent times that I have been on board from the get-go. I was a Transformers fan as a kid, and knowing what special effects we have today I thought it was a great idea to make “that movie”. Although I was mildly sceptical that it might not live up to expectations, but was still there with bells on hoping to get taken for a great visual ride.

I loved it. Over looking a few minor annoyances the film was just what it should have been. A really fun, action movie, with stunning visual effects. The few moments when the weakness of the script showed itself can easily be for given. I rate the movie to be in the bracket of movies you watch when your 12-13 and just get your mind blown away. Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Independence Day: this bracket of films. All of these also had moments that when watching them now as an adult you sigh at some of the weaker script moments. But that really does fade away in the context that it really is being aimed at 13 year olds, and if you just relax and let it go you don’t really care. The film isn’t trying to get best writer.

The acting is all pretty good; I am now looking forward to seeing Shia Beouf in Indy4. The visual effects are the best done in a movie to date, which really makes it worth while seeing on the big screen. Michael Bay (Director) has done a pretty good job this time around, I do find that his movies are very much hit and miss. This one is one of his Hits (with the Bad Boys Films and the Rock). There are some really good funny moments. Although the hacker sections were rather poor, but that said I am a PhD in computer security, so I am very accustomed to this.

From a Christian angle the film is for the large part a rather harmless sci-fi flick with invaders from outer space. There are one or two moments of sexual humour, but it is not spread throughout the film. Further, while there is loads of action, the vast bulk is against robots, and so the gore factor really is extremely low. There is very little bad language in the film also.

So overall I heartily recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good solid action movie from time to time, this is definitely one worth catching in the cinema.

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